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tv   ABC7 News 1100PM  ABC  January 25, 2015 11:00pm-12:01am PST

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live from the kgo broadcast center, this is abc7 news. >> concerns for shoppers at two stores in the south bay. they may have been exposed to measles. good evening and thanks for joining us. santa clara county health officials confirmed a second case of measles and they say the person infected was shopping in some popular south bay stores while contagious. abc7 news reporter alyssa harrington is live in gilroy with that information. alyssa? >> we learned the patient is an adult who lives in santa clara county. health officials say the person went into this costco and a wal-mart in gilroy while contagious. >> we were here in the afternoon. >> she shopped at the gilroy costco. she was there last sunday when santa clara county health officials say an adult with a confirmed case of measles was
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also inside shopping while contagious. now notices like this are posted on doors and cash registers alerting customers of the risk of possible exposure. >> i'm worried now. now i will let my husband know and make sure both of us don't have symptoms. >> the fliers say anyone who was in costco between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. may have been exposed. they should watch for symptoms like coughing, fever and rash for the next two weeks. >> it is scary though. >> it didn't bother me because i am vaccinated. >> some concerned costco shoppers worry about kids who might not be vaccinated and the risk of the disease spreading. >> i would think that it is hard to control. people are going from place to place. but it is pretty scary because there are a lot of people who shop at costco. >> the health department says the sick patient visited the
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wal-mart across the street and possibly other shops in the area. anyone showing symptoms should immediately contact their doctor. in gilroy, alyssa harrington abc7 news. last month an outbreak of the measles started at disneyland and quickly spread. there are 78 cases in seven states connected directly to the outbreak. 48 are here in california. health officials believe the outbreak could have been caused by parents who didn't have their kids vaccinated. the illness is highly contagious. the symptoms include fever cough and a severe rash. disney is the parent company of abc7. developing now traffic is moving again after a major crash on eastbound i-80. here is -- here is a look where you can see everything seems to be back to normal. however, that wasn't the case about an hour ago. here is a look at the back up. the highway patrol had to shutdown all lanes of the highway for about 15 minutes. we are told at least two cars
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crashed. one of the cars flipped over. at least one person was hurt but again all lanes of eastbound i-80 in berkeley just reopened about 10 minutes ago. breaking news where the pilot of a small plane out of tracy has been rescued by the coast guard. the pilot ditched his plane into the sea about 250 miles east of maui after running out of fuel. before ditching the plane he notified the coast guard who guided him to the area of a cruiseship. he was able to parachute and reach a life raft. the cruiseship plucked him from the sea and we are told the pilot is in good condition. new at 11:00, bart police are investigating a stabbing in san francisco. it happened at the 16th street bart station just after 8:00 tonight. police say a juvenile was stabbed on the concourse level near the ticketing agent's booth. the victim had minor injuries and was taken in for precaution. there is no information what may have lead to the stabbing
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or who else is involved. right now police are looking for a man who stabbed a homeless man. it happened at 6th and natoma about 4:00 this afternoon. police say the victim, a white man used a racial slur toward the man who stabbed him. the victim was stabbed several times and suffered serious injuries. a night of celebration has ended in a terrifying fall. three people were sent to the hospital after plunging 20 feet. abc7 news reporter lilian kim is live in san francisco's excelsior district with the latest. lilian? >> three people fell off the back deck of a home. they were posing for a picture when the railing gave way. >> i am okay for right now. >> the evening started out great . a group of his friends surprised him with a birthday party at the san francisco home. at the end of the night when they gathered for a group picture on the back deck three of hamilton's friends took a terrible fall. the railing had broken apart.
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>> we were all going out there and we heard a crunch and looked to my left and saw three of my friends going over the end together. >> they fell about 20 to 25 feet. it was right on to the concrete. everyone ran down as fast as they could. >> we were hoping they would have skinned up knees and bruised egos. >> emergency crews arrived within minutes. they transported the three to san francisco general hospital. they are said to be banged up pretty good, but not suffering from any life-threatening injuries. as for what caused the wood railing to fail, they said it was rotted. >> we respond to this once in awhile. this weather affects wood and people have decks and railings in the back. >> the landlord said insurance will dictate whether the railing or the whole thing needs to be replaced. >> i am hanging in there. i will see how my friends are doing or if they need any
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help. >> an unfortunate end to what started out as a night of celebration. in san francisco, lilian kim, abc7 news. >> weather wise, we have some changes ahead. let's head over to drew for a look at live doppler 7hd. >> we are coming off a warm weekend. the temperatures are well above normal with some 10 to 15 degrees and feeling more like spring than winter around here. the location was key depending on how mild you got. napa up to 58 degrees but lake port sored to 81. looking forward we have fog forming especially in the east bay. it is mild for monday, but the clouds will be on the increase on money day -- monday afternoon. the clouds will give way to showers on tuesday. we will talk about the timing of the storm and how much rain we expect in the accu-weather seven-day forecast in a few minutes. >> thank you. san jose residents and city leaders are signing a petition to keep millions of
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gallons of crude oil barreling through downtown. a proposal could allow heavy crude oil to be transported from canada through the bay area and then to a refinery in san luis obispo. leaders have voiced opposition at a meeting in san jose the people there did the same. really scary. i mean, the loud noise and the pollution and the fear of what if it crashed. >> it is not benefiting us. it is not lowering gas prices, and yet we have to suffer the consequences. >> in a statement they said, quote, we have one of the most modern crude rail fleets in the industry that exceeds regulatory standards. safety is our top priority. a heads up for san jose drivers. beginning tomorrow the intersection of sierra road and lundy avenue will be completely closed to vehicles for nine months due to bart construction. detours will be marked and the bus line 77 will be rerouted.
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the crews will be digging a trench for the bart extension to run below the intersection. the vta has reached the halfway point on construction on what is the largest transit project in santa clara county's history. now to the north bay where a park that has become popular with the homeless will be closed tomorrow. they will close for at least 30 days. mayor gary philips says he has gotten complaint from people in the community who fear the homeless. there was a fire in one of the residences and there was a report of crime and drug use. >> i don't think it is a good mix with little children. >> it might help but we already have so many homeless people in the area that i don't think it is really going to make a huge difference. >> they can try and drive us out. we are citizens too. we live here. we love this place. we'll find another lace to be for awhile. -- we'll find another place to be. >> a park renovation is planned to trim vegetation and
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tear down the restrooms. still to come on abc7 news at 11:00 racing for a blizzard the massive winter storm that is expected to drop several feet of snow on the east coast. and ahead, the winners at tonight's screen actor's guild awards could it be a preview of what happens at the oscars? and overhead wriers are ugly and dangerous. that's when the flu hits, it's a really big deal. the aches. the chills. the fever. an even bigger deal? everything you miss out on... family pizza night. the big game. or date night. why lose out to the flu any longer than you have to? prescription tamiflu can help you get better 1.3 days faster.
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this could be a storm the likes of which we have never seen before. those words from new york city's mayor tonight as the northeast prepares to be
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smothered by a snowstorm of record proportions. snow totals could reach up to three feet and airlines have already preemptively canceled thousands of flights. abc news reporter has more. >> it is the northeast versus the nor' easter. >> prepare for something worse than we have seen before. >> 50 million people are braced to take a bruising from the massive blizzard barging toward the east coast. forecasters expect conditions will be dire. >> whatever normal safety precautions you take in advance of the storm take even more. >> be careful. >> icy weather over the weekend has already knocked many off their feet in the region. by monday night, they will be measuring snow piles in feet. snow blowers are facing blowouts. along the massachusetts coast they are gearing up and boarding up facing gusts up to 65 miles an hour. >> the wind that we are really most concerned with. >> and shoppers crowding
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stores racing the weather to stock up on provisions. >> just trying to get in the parking lot here was insane. >> picking up a shovel in preparation for the storm. >> mountains of salt are being moved to fight mountains of snow. expect serious air travel disruptions. already 200 flights affected today at chicago o'hare alone. 91 canceled and 348 delayed. >> we are preparing to not leave the house for a few days. >> experts say that's the best storm preparation of all. abc news, new york. animal advocates are concerned about the navy's plan to expand sonar for training. the navy wants to put up to 720 by wees off the coast in northern california, washington and oregon. the devices send out signals underwater so crews can detect submarines from above. endangered whales, sea lions live in the area. the noise harasses the animals and can kill whales.
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anti-submarine warfare is a critical commission and the impact on animals will not be drastic. the top talent in hollywood gathered for the screen actors guild award. "bird man" won and" orange is the new black" won for best cast and female actor in a comedy and a big win for abc. viola davis took the award for outstanding performance for a female in a drama series. catch davis and your other shows when tgit or thank god it's thursday returns to abc7 this week. new ep -- episodes of "grey's anatomy" and" scandal" will be following abc news at 11:00. now over to drew to see what we can expect. >> we are tracking changes and that does include rainfall early into the new workweek. live -- live doppler 7hd shows
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a quiet picture. the temperatures after a mild weekend and a mild overnight period. 51 in oakland and 54 in san francisco. 48 in san carlos. it is 49 in san jose and napa right now is currently at a cool temperature of 39 degrees. as we talk about the fog forecast overnight tonight and early tomorrow morning we have a bit of a sea breeze kicking in. that will confine it to the inland east bay. it is not going to have a good chance to spread into the bay and it quickly evaporates thanks to the wind mixing up the atmosphere. the fog doesn't last that long. then a mixture of sunshine and collides out there. satellite and radar shows high pressure is still in control and that's what brought us the sunshine this weekend and the warm temperatures. you do notice to the south some clouds are starting to spill into southern california, and it is making its way into san francisco. it is associated with an area of low pressure that is developing off the baja coast. it is going to bring moisture up the west coast. not a lot of rain, but it is
11:18 pm
pretty significant since the last time we saw measurable moisture was back on christmas eve more than a month ago. tuesday morning we will start the forecast off at 4:00. light rain showers working into the south bay around san jose and along the paw thins law. it spreads south. it is in san francisco in the north bay and in the east bay, but it quickly exits the region. by the afternoon it is light showers and very scattered in nature. this is all out of here by tuesday night. in terms of rainfall not a significant amount of rain but still nonetheless it looks like it will be measurable across many spots. less than a 10th of an inch it looks like, but a few spots like concord and livermore could have a couple of sweet spots over a 10th of an inch and close to a quarter of an inch of rain. overnight lows in the bay area 48 in san francisco and falling to 39 in san jose. 39 in fair field with the patchy fog developing overnight. the highs for your monday will start off with sunshine and the high clouds will increase in the afternoon. but it is still a mild monday. it is up to 71 in half moon
11:19 pm
bay. 68 in oakland and going up to 71 in san jose and 66 is the high in concord. while it is quiet and sunny to start the workweek, look at the east coast. we are looking at the significant snowstorm brewing early tuesday morning. snow up and down the i-95 corridor from new york city, boston and even into maine. look at the snow totals with this storm after it wraps up and moves out on tuesday night. these could be record setting snowfalls especially in new york city. the forecast for downtown manhattan is anywhere from one foot to two feet of snow. as you move north to providence, rhode island and boston, massachusetts they could be looking at two to three feet of snow. blizzard warning in effect for the northeast. here at home, the accu-weather seven-day forecast, quiet and sunny. high clouds for monday and tuesday will track the chance of showers moving in light in nature. wednesday the showers move out and the clouds hang around a. it is mostly cloudy.
11:20 pm
thursday we have lots of sunshine on the way and ditto for friday and then saturday and sunday, here we go again. warming temperatures and all indications say saturday and sunday temperatures will be in the 70s. an update on the rain starting a the 4:30 a.m. >> if we can't have the rain we may as well enjoy the sunshine. thanks. mike shumann is here and a busy day in the sports department. >> warriors can do no wrong. you know when steph curry is throwing down a two-handed dunk things are going well.
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the warriors win their 19th straight. you have to be careful as the season progresses of not playing down to their opponents. coming off a career high 52 points on friday. making noise early and to andrew boggit.
11:24 pm
thompson couldn't miss friday night and misses here. harrison barnes has his back. out of no wherefore the bucket. warriors are up eight. he throws it down with it two hands. the next drive and behind the back and easy lay in. 9 off the bench for andre. he followed up his career with a mere 31 points. it knocks down the three and that will make your coach happy. they are 36-6 and won 19 straight at home. >> we have gotten used to the win streak. we have gotten used to playing so good in this building. and we know we have a special group. we know we can do big things. we are not trying to get too full of ourselves. it is a long season. we are just trying to play our best basketball coming into april and early may. >> all right. it is an allstar day. the pro bowl, a week before
11:25 pm
the super bowl. the second quarter and matthew stafford and a spectacular catch. the same drive and offensive mvp and he lobs it up to jimmy graham. 17 h of 13 -- 17-13 and 316 yards and two touchdowns and the fourth quarter and matt ryan for the game winning touchdown. 32-28 and each gets 55,000 for the win. the allstar classic and he was the only one to play defense. using the stick he cranks up the two on one. they broke it open in the second and he scores on the breakaway and he was the 6th player to score four
11:26 pm
goals in an allstar game did greet a third -- did get a third goal. it was 17-12. we will take our final timeout before we go to the australian open. it took three sets before
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it is so good all the time. serena williams survived a scare beating the 24-seed. serena was crushed in the first set. didn't look good in the second. she will finish with this booming backhand winner.
11:30 pm
and then in the third she is serving for the match. serena moves on to the quarterfinals to play again. stanford hosted by usc and she hits the three off the dribble up 9 at the half. one handed pass to kailey johnson, but an easy lay in. stanford rolls to a 71-60 victory and now 7-1 in conference play. ucla hosting the lady bears. falls and gets her foot stuck. the referee helps her out. just in time for the fast break. 24 points and five rebounds and eight assists including the bucket. pga tour in la quinta. charlie hoffman shot an 8 under 64. one of the four co leaders coming into today.
11:31 pm
20-foot birdie to take the lead. he is 22 under and shot a 5 under 67 finishing with back to back pars to close it out. his first win since 2013. seattle has arrived in arizona for super bowl xlvi. we will have a preview later on in this newscast. stick around. and of course new england will wait until tomorrow. they have had enough media issues already. >> it is the seahawks' chance. surfed by security agents. why three agents were evacuated. and making progress in india where talks stand as president obama's trip there continues. and more than 470 miles of dangerous utility lines hang above the streets of san francisco. why efforts to move them underground may not ♪i can show you the world♪ ♪shining, shimmering, splendid♪ ♪tell me, princess, now when did♪ ♪you last let your heart decide♪ ♪a whole new world♪
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it is so good all the time.
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this is abc7 news. >> good evening. in tonight's headlines shoppers in two stores in gilroy may have been exposed to meet sells. an adult with the disease shopped at the costco and wal-mart stores last sunday afternoon. anyone in either store between 4:00 and 6:00 p.m. last sunday may have been exposed. if you have been vaccinated doctors say you are safe. otherwise keep a close eye out for symptoms that starts out as a cold and call your doctor if you think you have been exposed. a pilot who flew out of tracy after crashing his plane into the pacific ocean. the coast guard had to rescue him about 250 miles east of maui. the plane ran out of fuel and he parachuted out and used a life raft. more than 1700 flights are expected to be canceled as the
11:36 pm
northeastern u.s. is pounded with a monster snowstorm. boston and new york could see up to three feet of snow by tomorrow night. three flights were searched by security officials this afternoon due to unidentified security concerns. in seattle a jetblue flight from long beach and a sky west flight were both evacuated and searched upon arrival. a spokesman will only say the matter is under investigation. a flight from los angeles was diverted to dallas. passengers were deplaned long enough to sweep the plane and declare it safe. the fbi will only say the flights were targets of on-line threats. the fbi is taking the lead in tracking down who tweeted the bomb threats that shutdown atlanta's airport yesterday. fire jets scrambled to escort two planes back to where no bombs were found. now, the latest. >> tonight federal investigators are tracking a twitter user responsible for a series of threatening messages
11:37 pm
directed at two atlanta-bound flights on saturday. >> there is a trail whether you want it or not. >> booy hold the power of social media. two fighter jets escorting the planes until they landed safely. >> you could look out and see people with machine guns and people with all sorts of threatening things, bomb-sniffing dogs. >> someone hiding behind the handle sent these threats to delta and southwest airlines. "have i a bomb on one of your planes, but i forget which one when i left the airport. can you help me find it? it was smuggled through one of the back entrances." today the account was suspended and this person faces charges. >> clearly this person can go to jail. even though there was not a bomb you could be charged with threatening an aircraft. >> unless there is an emergency involving the death or injury to a person. sometimes writerring authorities to get -- requiring authorities to get a
11:38 pm
court order. >> there are literally thousands of people on the internet each day that make threats. it is not against the law to say bad things. it is against the law to take action or to make a threat. authorities say these threats used to come in by land line until the invention of caller id. they say they need the same kind of service now for social media. abc news atlanta. tonight a federal judge has stayed her order overturning alabama's same-sex marriage ban. the two-week stay would give the state time to appeal her decision. she ruled on friday that the same-sex marriage ban was unconstitutional. it is monday in india and president obama just headlined the country's annual republic day parade. a large crowd gathered despite the rain. it is the highlight of his three-day trip there. he is the first u.s. leader invited and the guest of honor. the president also visited the memorial laying a wreath and throwing flow wires. flowers. there has been talks of the
11:39 pm
prime minister allowing officials to build nuclear plants in india. back in the bay area, the san francisco coroner has positively identified a body found in the bay as a missing software developer. 26-year-old dan hodges appeared on halloween. his body was found in the water near alcatraz in november. he was last seen leaving his apartment at fourth and brennan on october 31st. as you may recall, his family and friends launched a large-scale search throughout the city. the coroner has not yet determined how he died, but how his family says they are just relieved to finally be able to put their son to rest. thanks in part to last month's rain the water district will soon send thousands of gallons of clean water spewing into the streets. they say the res voirs are back up to 99% capacity so it will resume flushing the water system much like these crews did. the program was canceled last year when reservoirs got too
11:40 pm
low during the drought. starting this week they will open the fire hydrants to clear out the watermains every wednesday through march. people got a sneak peek at a rummage sale in oakland. this was not your average garage sale. people lined up for the white elephant sale. a 96,000 square footwear house on the oakland estuary was filled with the racks of donated clothing, jewelry, art and music . people want the best shot at bargains that go for -- best shot at items that go for bargain basement prices. that's why they paid $15 to get an early look. >> i think everything my mother threw out of her attic, i think i bought it all back. >> it is a great place to buy things especially things that you don't even know you are about to buy. >> this is the 56th year for the sale. all of the money goes to the oakland museum women's board. the free public sale happens
11:41 pm
the first weekend in march. the donations are still being accepted. there is much more ahead tonight including the dangerous overhead wires that are hanging over our head. why it could take centuries -- centuries to get rid of them. why the preview two months before the event is so popular. >> coming off of a winter of a forecast but changes are on the way for the workweek that do include a little rain.
11:42 pm
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did you know there are 152,000 miles of overhead utility lines in california? that's enough wires to wrap around the globe more than six times. they are ugly they are dangerous, and for the last 50 years there were efforts to put them underground. as we found out, there is a long way to go. >> there are wires for cables and wires for phones and some wires that seem to go no where. a spiderred with of utility -- a spider web of utility lines. >> the wires are everywhere. >> he lives on a quiet street in san francisco's castro district. outside his home the utility lines crisscrossed the road. >> it is a blite in the city. >> to make matters worse we have been paying to get rid of the wires for the last 50 years, but they are still here.
11:45 pm
utility pays $1 a month for a program that is supposed to bury all of those wires. at the current rate of replacement it will take generations to finish the job. >> it will take 600 years. >> anne brubager is chair of the coalition to underground utilities. she says san francisco is among some of the worst places for overhead utility wires in the state. not only are they an eyesore, they are dangerous. overhead power lines are vulnerable in earthquakes and storms. one downed wire can take out power for thousands of people. >> a my -- mylar balloon hit the wires and took out 10,000 residents. >> they have put half of the lines underground, but still 470 miles of line are still hanging from poles. and despite the constant threat of power outages the city has no plans to bury the remaining line. why? they have already spent all of the money. the last time the city buried any wires was on this project on octavia boulevard in 2005.
11:46 pm
it ran so far over budget the city has already used up all of the money that will be coming in for the next 15 years. >> san francisco spent beyond its means in the last round of undergrounding that caused them to halt it. however, all citizens of san francisco continue to payoff that debt. >> i would hope we learned our lessons from the past and can actually have a plan moving forward. >> supervisor katie tang represents the sunset district. her district is cluttered with overhead lines that block the views. >> realistically we cannot rely on our funding through the utility undergrounding program. >> she is asking the city how it can move forward with the future project. >> so we know how long can it take to achieve x miles of undergrounding. it is all up in the air. we have no idea. >> tang hopes to have a recommendation for the rest of the board later this year. abc7 news.
11:47 pm
>> as bad as it is in san francisco the rest of the state is even farther behind. at the current rate it will take a thousand years to bury the wires throughout california. "manner sniper continued to dominate the box office. second place wasn't even close. the clint eastwood-directed drama stars bradley cooper as a military sharpshooter who struggles to return to society and his family. it is up for six oscars including best picture and best actor. it earned $64 million in the second weekend. jennifer lopez's new film "the boy next door" was in second with $15 million" padding ton" "the wedding ringer" and taken 3" rounded out the top five. ticket sales are up 9 rs p this year and it is the first time in three decades the best picture nominees have made more money after the nominations. you can track the oscars next month. the big award show is february 22nd here on abc7.
11:48 pm
and now more on our accu-weather forecast. >> we are on a downward swing after a mild week. the temperatures are going to cool off relatively speaking before a little rain arrives on tuesday. live doppler 7hd will show you we had generally clear skies. no rain in the near term. nationwide look at weather, we talked about the east coast storm that is brewing in the mid-atlantic and moves off the coast and strengthens on money day afternoon. you can see the snow moving its way into boston and the temperatures are relatively cold. 28 the high in new york and 31 in boston. once the system wraps up and pushes out on tuesday, we could be looking at several feet in some spots. even in the great lakes, some lake effect snow. but much of the western half of the country is looking quiet, dry and sunny. 68 in denver and 70 in dallas with sunshine and the same in new orleans. 61 the high in seattle. and in california, it is kind of a mix of both.
11:49 pm
northern california will see mainly sunny skies. the temperatures in the upper 50s to the upper 60s. southern california with the storm system approaching from the south will see some light showers around palm springs and los angeles getting to a high of 70 degrees. in the bay area tomorrow, it goes from sunshine to high clouds in the afternoon. and we are dry for monday. 66 is the high in san francisco. 68 in oakland and up to 71 in san jose. accu-weather seven-day forecast shows you the showers, light arrives and then out of here by tuesday afternoon. wednesday cloudy and thursday and friday it is sunny and then back to spring-like warmth on saturday and sunday. >> hoping for the showers on tuesday. turning it over to sports and lots to talk about. >> a little super bowl high. super bowl xlvi has officially begun for the seahawks. they arrived in arizona and the patriots arrive tomorrow. pete crairl and russell
11:50 pm
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well, i remember is it well. we flew to super bowl and it hits you that you will play in the big game. the seahawks were the first to arrive. new england comes in tomorrow and seattle has been out of the media loop. the patriots have had to deal with deflate gate. that's a plus for the hawks. with all of the distractions, most of the game plan was put in last week for the defending
11:53 pm
champion seahawks. >> a little different than last year. we have been here before. since we got off the plane we know what media day will be like. media day will be on tuesday, wednesday and thursday pretty much. you kind of get adjusted. you know how to set your plan for the week. we had a phenomenal week this past week getting prepared like last year. and so we are looking forward to that. we are looking forward to getting out there and practicing. >> the patriots held one more practice today before they leave tomorrow for arizona. they should be ready for the media blitz as i mentioned they are dealing with deflate gate. his team is still focused and ready for next sunday. >> we have got some things done. i think we are focused and heading in the right direction. we have another wreak to go. >> while we wait for super bowl xlvi the stars were out in arizona. the 49er safety hugging the
11:54 pm
guy he replaced. cam chancellor airing it out to o'dell beckham, junior. spectacular 48-yard catch. two hands this time. five catches for 89 yards. jj watt is the mvp candidate for the season was the defensive mvp. had a fumble recover tree -- recovery and this interception at the two-yard line. 32-28 and each player gets, get this $65,000 for the win. brent burns is the only player in the game to play defense. using the stick to break up the two on one he broke it open and forward tavares was the 6th player to score four goals in an allstar
11:55 pm
game. he did get his first career allstar goal late in the third quarter. he was the game mvp. 17-12. the warriors have to be careful as the season progresses of not playing down to their opponent. set particulars in town. it took awhile before they won their 19th straight. klay thompson coming off a career high 52 on friday night. making noise early 13 points and 13 boards. a little one handed slam. misses here and barnes comes out of no where and has his back. look at this two hands. 22 points and 11 assists. who says he can't dunk? the next drive and behind the back. y go do law. thompson followed up his night with a mere 31 points. he lead all scores wide open
11:56 pm
with three. that will make the coach happy. they are 36-6 and 114-111 your final. >> it won't always be pretty and it won't always feel good. for us that's a challenge. from the sprues spare tee -- from the prosperity to stay in it and regardless if we are up 20 or having to grind it out like we were. >> college hoops. he was the first coach in d1 history to win 1,000 games beating st. john's. his record is now 1,000 wins and 308 losses. his players made sure he got a thousand. they trailed by 10 with eight minutes left. he started the come back. the freshman going one on one down low. off the glass and duke comes from behind to win it and coach k is the first coach in d1 history to win a thousand. >> we played great in the last
11:57 pm
10 minutes. i am not sure i have ever been a part of a game like that. that's nuts. they have one that is different and that's what a-makes the game so good to win the 1,000th you have to be a lucky guy. >> and tom brady's dad sat down with me. an interesting take from a father's per spec tiff. >> thank you shu and thank you for joining us the news continues tomorrow at 4:30. make
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